Bedtime At Ten.

A droubble by Weefatfella

The blood turned to dust below the crucifix sticking out of the black cape. The wind lifted the dust and carried it to God knew where. The ring with the letter D in the centre rolled into a crack in the earth and vanished. The credits rolled. I was ten and it was time for bed. The staircase light never worked. The landing light did, but it was out. It was a long way from the bottom landing to the top in the dark.

I went for a pee, taking as long as I could while I was still in the safety of the light. Time to go, I opened the door and turned slowly for the stairs. I looked up into the darkness. Anything could be up there. Vampires could turn into shadow. There were plenty of shadows up there. Which if any were vampires?

The window near the top of the stairs was open, the curtains lifted silently. Who was lifting them? Was it the wind? if not,who had come in the open window? I was still at the bottom of the stairs. I flicked the switch in hope. The light came on, so I climbed the stairs.