About Droubbles.

What's it all about?

Droubbles.com is a new writers' website based on the concept of very short 'flash fiction', or Nanofiction, which has been christened the 'droubble'. The term 'droubble' has been attributed to Michael Kent of TheNextBigWriter who is said to have coined the term in an effort to describe a 'double drabble'. A 'drabble' is a short fiction of 100 words, so a 'droubble' is a work of fiction written in exactly 200 words.

Droubbles.com has been created for several reasons, all of which are invaluable to writers. Firstly, writing a story in exactly 200 words is fun and challenging. It allows the writer to fully understand the need to be concise and ruthless when constructing a story. Any word that is not doing its job is cut from the work and the tight word limit of a 'droubble' really hones that skill. Also, creating a 'droubble' is relatively quick and helps the writer get the creative juices flowing. Finally, if you believe in writers' block and are perhaps suffering from this dire affliction, then the 'droubble' really can help you overcome this horrible literary congestion! But what do 200 words look like? Well this block of text is exactly 200 words.