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2016 Update
Sorry, it's been a bit quite on the droubbles front for the past 6 months. I've not updated the site or promoted it so it has effectively lain dormant since mid-2015. I'll try to rectify that in the c ...

Droubble Criteria
Droubbles.com will consider a droubble valid if it satisfies the following rules: A literary work of fiction. A complete, self-contained story. The MAIN text is exactly 200 words long. A setting ...
A New Competition!
We're having a FAB FLASH FICTION competition! Write a 200 word droubble during MAY 2015 and it will automatically be entered into our competition to win £20. That's £20 for 200 words. Not ...
200 words
Droubbles is now seeking beta testers to try out the new website and test things out. At the moment the only droubbles on the site are admin test droubbles with a bit of descriptive text and qu ...
About Droubbles
Droubbles.com is a new writers' website based on the concept of very short 'flash fiction', or Nanofiction, which has been christened the 'droubble'. The term 'droubble' has been attributed to ...