A Moment In Time

A droubble by Jakester519

The photograph captures one fleeting moment in time. Never to be repeated or regained. It's just a memory caught in a lens and gone forever. This picture of you I hold, your face framed by a ring of sunlight. Your head thrown back amid a full on belly laugh. Your hair is tangled, messy, wonderfully tousled by the breeze. I cannot even remember when it was taken but it is the most beautiful I have ever seen you.

Was it from our holiday to Crete back in '95 or is it from the safari trip to Kenya in '98? I guess I will never know as it shows only you against the sun bursting blue sky. Beautiful you. Wonderful you. If only I had known how soon you would be leaving me I would have taken a thousand pictures of you. It would not be enough as they could never replace just one more second with you.

This instant in time I will cherish. I will never see your face again apart from in my dreams. I stare at your picture to burn it into my mind like silver nitrate on paper. To capture this one fleeting moment in time.