Frank & Eric Plan a 'Job'

A droubble by mageorge

'This is one easy job, Eric. All we need to do is watch the old fucker leave his office and...'

'I don't know, Frank. It just looks too easy. What if...?'

'Fuck you, Eric! When did I ever let you down?'

Frank and Eric returned to the same bus shelter every night for a week. They watched the security guard's movements, closely. He walked in the same door at the same time, every night. He patrolled the warehouse religiously, never late out of his office, never late to return.

'Listen, he'll be leaving the office at 8 o'clock. You'll be waiting for him. You bump him on the head, grab his keys then lock him in his office, and we're in! We go tomorrow night, ok?'

'Just one thing, Frank...what will you be doing?'

'I'll be, lookout, you halfwit!'

'Oh, right you are. Good thinking.'

'We'll meet here at 7 o'clock, got that? Don't be late!'

'Mmm, where's Frank?'

'Sorry I'm late, Eric. I had to go shopping wiv me mum.'

'Ok, it's time Eric...go...go!'

'Pssst! Get back, quick, come on!'

'What's up, Frank?'

'Look, there! You dumb shit! You should have known the old fucker would have nights off!'