Going for a walk

A droubble by Moonshine

My purse was in my coat pocket and the distance was a reasonable walk. It would live up to the recommended, normal, healthy half-hour walk. This is all you need once a day. Though you are supposed to quicken your pace and pulse ,preferrably sweat and get a bit out of breath. But this is not how my walks take place. I wander slowly and enjoy the scenery; looking at the houses on my way; the chestnuts and how bare they already are and the conkers lying on the ground; the village pond with the reeds fading in colour, the rushes wilting; the churchyard with the blood beech and the neatly swept pathways. I thought of taking some photographs of this Autumnal colour parade. The sun was out , though it didn't warm me but the bright light was more than welcome. There'd be enough days ahead with dark and grey wintry days.

I then realized that I was heading in the right direction. Right then right again and I'd soon be there. There was the familiar sign hanging above the doorway and the chairs and tables outside. My purse was in my pocket. I was outside the Baker's shop..