First Timers

A droubble by EwanL

'Let's do it!' Shauna punched the air.

Declan's mouth corners turned down,

'Yeah, let's.'

The red hair was flung back over Shauna's shoulders.

'Catch yerself on, Dec.'

Declan sighed and shifted along the sofa.

'Ah now, Shauna, would ye jist...'

Her hand grasped his forearm and she yanked him close,

'Chicken are yeh?'

Declan thought that maybe he might be. God love her, though she was gorgeous.

'Naw,' he said. 'A drink first now, that'd be it.'

Shauna flounced into the kitchen,

'Yiz'll have a cuppa tea and like it, Declan Murphy.'

A few moments peace to decide what to do. It wasn't that he didn't want to... just, well, he knew he shouldn't. Eternal damnation or at least a stiff penance from her Uncle Paddy next Sunday.

Declan looked at the page open on the laptop. It looked fun, harmless. Obviously a mountain of people did it. No harm done. Still, he took a glance at the kitchen door, Shauna did seem awful keen. That couldn't be right now, could it.

She came in,

'There's yer feckin' tea! Get it drunk. Then we'll do it.'

'We'll do it now!' He roared.

And he placed the bet with one keystroke.

Published on 12/02/15