One Minute

A droubble by EwanL

One minute is enough. If you do it right. In, out, no beating around the bush. Some people say that would leave them unsatisfied, but it would satisfy me. All that drivelling and for what? To entice, be seductive? They tell you need all this stuff or it won't work, not for the other party, the person who really matters. Rubbish! Don't I matter? Isn't what I want important. Oh I know, you'll say it just means that I don't care. But it doesn't. Short can be intense, can't it? Go on, you'll admit that at least, won't you?

Then again, you know, maybe the other person doesn't have time, for the full issue, I mean. Maybe there's only, what, a minute between meetings and before lunch and THERE JUST ISN'T TIME for the whole kit and caboodle. You ever in a rush, hell, I am! Besides, with everything, it's quality, not quantity right? Sure, it is, Buster!

Anyhow, those people who insist on hours of entertainment, they're just... well let's just say they need too much warming up. You don't though, huh? Congratulations! You just read this in one whole minute, and it was enough after all, wasn't it?

Published on 12/02/15