A Dog's Life

A droubble by mageorge

Iz a Golden Labrador and Iz called Goldie.
My dadz is a nervous wreck, for some reason.

Iz starts my day by waking dadz at about 7am.
Iz wide awake by then, but dadz is still asleep.

Dadz makes my breakfast and I eats it...good girl I is.

Later, dadz is working on his computer... Iz finks he working on a story, but Iz doesn't know. Anywayz Iz wantz to go out by then. So Iz make dadz know about it by farting like a trooper as dadz says.

He not take any notice, so Iz put me nose under his arm and lift it up...see? He says, Goldie, bugger offed... Iz fink he said.

Well, Iz need a pooh by then. So Iz make more smells.

Anywayz Iz gets me way and getz out of da house. Datz when dadz troubles really starts.

Az zoon az I ssez me mate, George, Iz runs to him... He jumps in the water, and Iz follows.. Wooosh, right in there we goes.

Now Iz dead wet. Water is dripping off me coat. Dadz is mad...

'You better get dry before mummy sees you!' Dadz says, but Iz never take notice of him.

Published on 13/10/13