The Party

A droubble by Moonshine

Yawing its way through the teem of boats, the yacht finally reached the jetty.

Picasso stepped elegantly off the boat as were he entering a nightclub. The rest of the group followed and made their way up the lawn to the impressive Long Island mansion.

There was quite a fracas going on and Dali decided to investigate. He discovered that the trouble was on the far side of the property where a wolf (canis lupus) had appeared and Hemingway apparently wanted to shoot it.

Zelda was mortified, though she was wearing a fur coat, so you had to question her motives.

She dug her elbow into her husband's ribs and whispered : "please stop him Francis!"

Gertrud approached Hemingway and said quietly: "If you shoot that wolf you'll never get to Virginia alone!"

Of course this startled him and stopped him dead in his tracks. Hemingway put away the rifle and grabbed a glass of champagne which the white-gloved waiter balanced on a silver tray.

" Let's all go to Madrid!" he said "and shoot those Falanges."

Eliot, who was jotting a poem in his notebook, raised his head and looked Lorca in the eye, "Leave without me,please" he said.

Published on 14/10/13