Poetic Union

A droubble by Popeye

It was a nice day for a picnic lunch, Melissa approached the park bench and saw pages fluttering in the breeze. She had seen this book before and knew the author. She found herself looking at an index of titles, many contained her name.

Later that day she saw the author of the poems, but she conveniently forgot to mention the book. Every day she returned to the bench, reading the poems became a ritual she enjoyed.

"Hey Charlie are you going to the concert in the park ?"

"Couldn't get tickets", Charlie replied.

"I've got a spare", She said with a coy grin. Charlie had never dared hope that Melissa even noticed he was alive. After the concert Charlie asked to see her again, she said yes. They became inseparable.

Two years later they married, as he finished his wedding speech his bride gave him his long lost book of poems. Charlie's face said it all.

Charlie's brother Jimmy was best man and knew about the notebook, but had kept her secret. He proposed a toast.

"To Charlie and Melissa, may their union be as poetic as the rhymes he scribbled, when he could only dream about this day".

Published on 13/06/15