The Star of Bethlehem

A droubble by Yutka

I always knew the nativity story well.
So I took notice when MaryJane announced the name of her new boyfriend: Christos. Not Jesus, but nearly. Christos meaning in Greek “the anointed or chosen one” seemed apt after years of heartache for MaryJane
One previous boyfriend had been a mummy’s boy, the other a ganga grower, a last one was terminally ill from cancer. So that poor girl had been rather unlucky.
Until the day when she wrote a letter to the Universe. In it she specified all the characteristics of her dream man and waited and, somehow, knew… Christos meanwhile had spotted my artwork of MaryJane online, named “Mary Magdalen” and had fallen in love with her straight away.
He let her know that his parents had never married and his mother had become pregnant without consuming the act, which you might take with a pinch of salt. If true, doesn’t it make him holy? After 6 years he confessed his love. They married this June, the moment Jupiter and Venus merged again after 2000 years, last seen as the star of Bethlehem.
They were surrounded by candles on a Greek Beach and the star was seen right above them.

Published on 05/07/15