A droubble by Moonshine

We were in the skullery. He lit up a match and suddenly the place was ablaze. Dramatically the bloke got us all out of the mansion alive. I remember not feeling much. Maybe surprise at the turn of events, neither sadness nor fear.
We watched the flames move from room to room and saw how easily the old house caught fire. I stared from the driveway at the huge living room window where orange and black flames licked the ceiling.
I called the fire brigade from my mobile and by the time they had extinguished the flames the house was a smoldering ruin and a mere shell.
The DCI questioned all of us . It seemed as though the case would remain unsolved and no-one seemed to suspect arson.
I wandred indecisevly to police headquarters. Until finally I made up my mind and upon finding the DCI I whispered the name of the arsenist in his ear.
I had done my duty. I did not feel guilty because I knew this crim was only after the insurance money he had claimed thinking he would never be found out.
After all it was his parent's house. He must have been mad.

Published on 04/08/15
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