Departmental Memorandum

A droubble by blocat

Department Heads Civil Service

Quality of Communication

My quintessential quandary when interfacing with panjandrums is to regard the pseudo-neoclassical tendency for obfuscation as detrimental to the intent of the authors and inversely proportional to the comprehension of recipients.

This creates a detrimental dichotomy with its inherent requirement for clarity when co-compared to simplistic ultra-understatement of the augmentative arguments implicit to congruent cognition of the cogency of said communication.

In future ministers and departmental leaders will, with full cognisance of the needs of the proletariat, ensure that extra effort at eudemonistic discourse between recipients and their ability to appreciate the fundamental correlation between those subservient to governmental diktats and ourselves.

The need to create a symbiotic relationship sympathetic to the symmetry of the observationally perceived perception of the author must be unequivocally unambiguous in the aforementioned intentional clarity.

Further, those of you perusing this missive thus far and have not yet succumbed to morpheonic, catatonic torpor take notice: departmental directives that do not contain quotients of self-serving bovine excremental content will, in future, be severely reprimanded even to the extent of partial emolumental sequestration where recidivism is an aggravating factor.

I hope I make myself clear.

John Godwottery Communications Chief


Published on 31/01/16