Strangers in a Park

A droubble by blocat

‘I have such hopes for our nation, our beloved nation, we have such great potential. Now we suffer because of stupid mistakes by others. These mistakes were not the peoples’ fault.’

‘So what are you going to do about it young man? You are just one person a soldier fresh from war, scared and scarred. Admittedly you have passion but you are totally lacking in influence, political experience and you’re not rich either.’

‘I know. It is a problem I have dwelt upon at length but this I know: We will rise again and we will take back that which they have stolen from us.’

‘But we are shattered, battered into humiliating submission we have no resources and the people are tired of war. Sitting here in the park two strangers watching the spring sunlight shine upon the new buds. It is easy to dream dreams in such a place.’

‘Dreams? Yes and plans, too. Our people may be defeated, war weary but their spirit will rise again. I will see it rise again. If you believe in our greatness as I do you will know my words are truth.’

I’m impressed. What’s your name young man?

‘Adolph, Adolph Hitler.’

Published on 25/02/16