How Things Change

A droubble by richardh

We started off so full of hopes and dreams. It's been almost 30 years but although it's a terrible cliche it seems like merely weeks. We've never hoped for much, just the usual - a nice house, health, happiness and maybe a holiday here and there. At the beginning, it looked like we might see those simple dreams actually happen.

We got halfway to dreamland and then stumbled. No real fault of our own. A few hiccups we could have avoided. But the big thing - the thing we didn't see coming, the thing that turned our simple dream into the proverbial nightmare - we couldn't have avoided that. It's just something life likes to throw at you sometimes. A full-on overarm bowl that takes you by surprise. And boy was it a surprise. We've tried to cope with it. Tried to pull together but we found out we're not great at pulling together. We seem to have mastered the knack of pulling apart.

Different ideas, different coping mechanisms different ways of seeing each other. It's not that we lost our way, we just lost sight of each other. Can we find our way back? Perhaps. Maybe... I hope so.

Published on 05/04/17