A Long Term Investment

A droubble by Ionicus

The robbery hadn’t presented any problems: we overcame the two guards and easily prised open the glass cabinet that hosted the solid gold trophy.

Diego, responsible for hiding the stolen property, did it so successfully that Scarface and I did not know its whereabouts. When he got killed in a bar for cheating at poker we were at a loss as what to do next.

But he had left behind a map which seemed to purport the exact location where the Cup was buried; an X marked the spot.

It took five years to work out the coordinates from Diego’s chart and I was certain that we would soon recover the swag although Scarface was unconvinced.
But such were my powers of persuasion that he finally decided to follow my lead.

And now that we had reached our destination we were looking at a vast arid landscape on which stood a massive concrete power plant that had been erected during the period when I and my partner in crime were trying to solve Diego’s geographic puzzle.

Was our cup buried beneath that reinforced concrete structure?

It is a mystery that might one day be solved when the plant is decommissioned.

Published on 19/04/17