Late Night Shopping

A droubble by mjshorts

I'd only gone in for a carton of milk and a packet of digestives. I noticed him as soon as he came through the door, nervous looking, hands buried deep inside his anorak pockets, his face hidden by a large hood.

He pulled out a gun firing it in the air, all hell broke loose. We were all cowering on the floor long before he ordered us to. From where I was laying, just feet away, I could see him leaning across the counter struggling to open the till. Here was my chance. I could be a hero, make a name for myself. One quick dash and I would be on him before he knew what was happening. In his eagerness to stuff as much money as possible in his pockets he had put the gun down.

As I leapt to my feet he turned in surprise and stared at me. I could see the fear and panic in his eyes, I knew he wasn't going to shoot, he was too scared. I grinned, I was going to be a hero.

The bullet that stopped me hit me in the back. I hadn't seen his accomplice, but he'd seen me.

Published on 17/12/14