A droubble by DarcEdge

Andrew needed recognition he did things for the effect as much as the rush. Praise and plaudits was his drug. Give him a dare and he would not hesitate at all.
There seemed to be no lines to cross. The boundaries of good taste didn't bother Andrew unlike the rest of those who were willing to egg him on but not willing to commit to the dare themselves.
One more drunken night another bar and another bet.

'Coal Street, dare you to call the woman a witch,' said Steve.

Andrew and Steve left the bar and went straight to coal street. Steve hid and watched as Andrew stood in the road. 'Witch, hear me, creature,' he said. 'You shall burn!'

Steve rolled his eyes at the corniness of the words then laughed as a light appeared in the window and Andrew fled.

It was no surprise to Steve when he didn't hear from his friend the next day. He was probably too hung over to do anything and too embarrassed after running off.

Steve was shocked however to hear the news that Andrew had died or rather how he died.

Faulty electrics, they said, were blamed for the fire.

Published on 15/02/15