The Bathing Pond

A droubble by MiniM

Mother loved the bathing pond, he said. Whenever we passed it, Father would reminiscence, "Sad memories lie there..."

I fathomed the gravity of his statement only later when I heard from servants of how Mother had run away with a lover. When I entered my teens I confronted Father and learnt more.

"I was away for a whole day when she left...and not once did I have any inkling." The servants told me he loved her very much. Even as Father spoke, Grandfather, who suffered recently from partial paralysis would be mumbling incoherently.

"He'd warned me," Father added, "He saw her leaving although she left saying she was going to bathe in the pond."

Later we decided we had no use for the pond. Weeds and snakes infested the water. Father decided to reclaim the pond and use it for farming instead.

Grandfather mumbled from his corner

Men came to pump water out with machines. Later they'd fill it up with sand.

And then they found it.

"Human bones," a labourer declared.

Father sat on the haunches, examined it and broke down. Regaining his composure, he went to Grandfather who lay with his twisted body, "Why did you do it?"

Published on 14/09/14