Cuthbert (the ol' poacher)

A droubble by Andrea

I could not believe what came in the door,
t'was Cuthbert, the poacher, who'd brought me some more
rabbits and pheasant to cook for me tea.
A fine-looking cove, our Cuthbert, was he.

We met long ago when lust blossomed still
(both Cuthbert and me are now over the hill)
He'd wooed me right 'ard with a nice tasty stew
Rabbit 'n' pig, there was goat in there, too.

Me and my Cuth, we got stuck right in,
(washed nicely down with a bottle of gin).
And after our nosh, feeling greatly repleted
away to the sofa we went, to be seated.

Now Cuthbert he looked like a mighty fine gent,
but alas, his poor

snake was decidedly bent.
Try as he might, it just would not rise,
So I looked poor ol' Cuth right in the eyes.

'Cuthbert', quoth I, by this time frustrated,
('twas eons ago since I had last mated)
'Never mind tryin' to go through the motion,
get thee online and purchase some potion.

Cuthbert he bought some Cialis right quick.
(amazing the difference it made to his dick).
So now no more poaching, take it as read,
we're spending our time in the bedroom, instead.

Published on 16/07/13