A droubble by Lindsey

Birmingham city council has torn down a condemned building in Southside calling it a "breeding ground for disease" after brother of controversial pop sensation Dr Beat was found dead of TB. Another seven squatters have been removed and placed in temporary housing.

Artist Nomi Malone, mentor to the deceased, said "many top level artists have private health insurance, but you only reach the top after years of building a career. If we starve the next generation this country's culture will die." But what about those who need benefits and priority health care?

Arguments have reopened on MumWeb. Working mothers and those with spouses who work are entitled to priority appointments for their kids, while single parents who don't work can wait weeks for an appointment. The government advises parents to go to A&E if it's urgent: advice that comes too late for Rochelle Marshland who last week lost custody of her son after an untreated infection led to leg amputation.

However, most mums find it a godsend. "To know that the minute the school calls I can get onto the doctors' straight away, pick her up, drive her there, and get back to work before I'm missed is a miracle."

Published on 22/07/13