Who are they?

A droubble by VEAskey

Never in a millions years did Clare see her future on the streets, for years as a teenager she wanted to be a solicitor. A determined young lady with an attitude towards her parents, some would say a typical teenager, but, unlike some she knew her future was going to be in Law. Beautiful, tall, long blond hair she stood out from the crowd, because of this she spent her time alone in the library face down in old books about gripping law cases.
One afternoon whilst in her beloved school library she felt her mobile phone vibrate, having to switch it off to adhere to the strict library no phones rule. Curious she took the call, whispering into the phone "who is this?" a deep voice boomed back at her "HOME NOW GIRL IF YOU KNOW WHATS GOOD FOR YOU" he was so loud she almost dropped her phone. She looked around to see if anyone had noticed and dashed out of the library heading home as quickly as she could. She arrived home in less than 10 minutes, bursting into her house. "You ok Clare?" a woman questioned. Clare froze at the doorway "who are you?" she asked

Published on 14/09/13